Texas Ghost Stories  (2003) - Texas Tech Press
     This ghost story collection, written by Tim Tingle and Doc Moore, was released by Texas Tech University Press in May of 2003. Storytelling World Magazine selected TGS as Best Anthology for 2004. Introduced by John O. West and John L. Davis, two of Texas’ most respected folklorists, the stories include tales adapted by European settlers to their new southwestern settings.
  2004  Best Anthology - Storytelling World Magazine
Review of Texas Books
    "I love a book that gives me what it promises, and this one does: fifty real ghost stories, drawn from a variety of sources and told in as many voices, written so as to simulate the language and delivery of a face-to-face performance, and artfully, delightfully done."--
San Antonio Express-News
    "Scarcely a page will you turn in this collection of ghost stories in Texas without encountering a disembodied hand or a fang baby--creatures guaranteed to shock the shell of an armadillo. . . . Whether you read the tales out loud or spin them around a campfire, you--and your audience--will be spooked. And you'll never again saunter along a dark, deserted riverbank late at night."--Patti Ross, San Antonio Express-News