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Cd's, Audiocassettes, etc...

Grandma Spider Brings The Fire    Tim Tingle                                     Audio-cassette        (Ages 5-12)
Winner of the 1998 Storytelling World Honor Title for "Rabbit and Buffalo"

Side A:
         White Wolf - Two Lakota children are rescued by a new friend.
                     Coyote Meets The Rock - In this Montana Salish tale, little hawks win by working together.
                     Mud Pony Boy - The Lakota and Pawnee tell of this orphan boy who becomes Chief.
Side B:         Rabbit and Buffalo - Trickster Rabbit fast-talks two buffaloes into a tug-of-war.
                     First Robin - A gentle Sioux girl learns to face her troubles.
                     Grandma Spider Brings The Fire - Wise old Spider saves the day, as told by the Cherokee and Choctaw.
Archie's War and Other Choctaw Stories      Tim Tingle                        CD                         (Ages 12 and Up)
Selected as a 2002 Storytelling World Winner! for "Crossing Bok Citto"
                      Crossing Bok Citto - A young Choctaw girl leads a runaway slave family to safety
                      Lizbeth and the Madstone - An elderly woman brings healing to a grieving widow and her son
                       Willie, by Roxy Gordon - After fifty years of serving coffee to cowboys, Willie has her moment
                      Talk About Suffering - Traditional Song
                      Archie's War - A father and son battle during one long, hot summer on the pipeline
                      Clay People - A Hymn to the Chocta
Walking the Choctaw Road         Tim Tingle (Cinco Puntos Press)              Four CD audiobook 

Read by the author, this collection was selected by the American Library Association as a Notable Audio Title for Young Adults in 2004, this collection features Tingle in studio performance, delivering the stories with the down-to-earth vocal style which characterizes his live concerts, complete with Choctaw hymns, vocable chants, and whaleskin drum accompaniment
Ghostly Tales of Texas                  Doc Moore & Tim Tingle                        CD                         (ages 12 & up)

A recently released compilation of several of Doc and Tim's scariest Texas tales taken from past recordings and digitally re-mastered for CD. Stories include: Fiddlin' on Devil's Backbone, Chipita Rodriquez of San Patricio, The Lady in Black, La Llorona, The Doctor's Eerie House CallThe Lady of White Rock Lake, and Room 636 at the Gunther.