More Spooky Texas Tales- The fearsome Chupacabra stalks stalks the desert valley, while a grandson wanders far from the ranch. The woman who's just moved into the neighborhood wears strange glasses after dark. What could be behind them? A man picks up a hitchhiker—only to discover that his passenger is not human.


Texas Ghost Stories, Fifty Favorites for the Telling

​      "Scarcely a page will you turn in this collection of ghost stories of Texas without encountering a disembodied hand or a fang baby—creatures guaranteed to shock the shell of an armadillo. Whether you read the tales out loud or spin them around a campfire, you—and your audience—will be spooked. And you'll never again saunter along a dark, deserted riverbank late at night." Patti Ross, San Antonio Express news

           ​Doc Moore and Tim Tingle's Co-Authored Books

                         (Warning—they're ghostly and spooky)

Spooky Texas Tales- A beady-eyed varmint crawls through the floor of a lonely old man's cabin. A boy spends the night in a haunted house, with a grinning skeleton in the chimney. A girl foolishly taunts an old owl-woman and a young man's prom date has a spooky secret. Graveyard ghosts and creatures from swamps and riverbanks slink through ten creepy tales, presented by master storytellers Doc Moore and Tim Tingle. Guaranteed to send laughing shivers down the spines of younger readers.

For grades 3rd-5th, these read-after-dark stories are warnings;

should you play games in graveyards? NO

Sneak out after dark? Better Don't