Dr. Joe M. Moore,

       Southwest Texas State University

Doc Moore, Storyteller, Folklorist, Author,     Professor

Doc Moore and puppy dog Duke,

who inspired Jumper the talking dog in "How I Became A Ghost."

View from the shores of Canyon Lake, Texas, Doc's home base for two decades as he traveled across North America and Mexico—researching Texas folklore and ghost stories and co-authoring three books with Tim Tingle,

"Texas Ghost Stories, Fifty Favorites for the Telling," "Spooky Texas Tales," and "More Spooky Texas Tales." Former President of the Tejas Storytelling Association and board member of the National Storytelling Network, Doc was a strong and supportive voice in the state and national oral performance communities. As a performer, Doc was known for breaking the boundaries between audience and stage, often tossing casual asides to audience members during impromptu "intermissions" of a story. He credits Donald Davis for his storytelling style and—like Davis—led listeners down a welcoming road before sharing his serious message.

"Enjoy the colors, but let's not pick the flowers."

          Doc Moore's Hill Country wisedom

Doc Moore leaving his favorite bookstore—Larry McMurtry's.

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​Doc Moore's and Tim's Ghost Story Books

  • Friend for Life4:32

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Doc reading "Spooky

Texas Tales"

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