Author & Choctaw Storyteller
Author & Choctaw Storyteller
- Keynote Speaker
  One of his best-received speeches was presented at the Utah Alternative Education Conference, “Making the Unpopular Choices.” Pulling from hours of interviews with prison inmates and personnel, Tingle delivered a powerful vision of hope in the midst of hazardous and discouraging prison living conditions.
     Tim Tingle has delivered keynote addresses on many topics, including folklore, creative writing, storytelling, and before at-risk educational audiences. Combining his performance, authorship, and interview experience, Tingle creates memorable keynote speeches tailored to the needs of the audience. Speeches often include music and brief scenes from his published writings.
Tingle has appeared as a keynote speaker at state and national conferences before a diverse sampling of organizations and covering a variety of subjects. Always delivered with a touch of Choctaw humor, and closing with memory-making scene, Tingle feels inspired to teach the power of change through reading as a primary subject.
    Recent keynotes include the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums, which featured   stories of his own travels to reservation libraries in remote Indian communities. At the National Conference of Compassionate Friends in Oklahoma City, Tingle delivered a poignant speech referencing the Trail of Tears. He has also spoken at numerous Teachers of English state conferences and statewide gatherings of the International Reading Association.