Spooky Texas Tales  (2005) - Texas Tech Press
True West
    "A state as large as Texas just has to have an abundance of ghosts, goblins and things that ride bumping through the night. In fact, there's such a drove of phantoms Texas kids can share their terrifying treasure with kids elsewhere. Beating the brush for such malevolent apparitions as the hideous Hairy Man as well as the always-hungry Raw Head and Bloody Bones, spook chasers Tim Tingle and Doc Moore drive the whole maverick herd of werefolk out of the delightfully diabolic dark and onto the printed page. These ten creepy tales plus Gina Miller's droll drawings shed the entertaining light of spooky fun upon a skeleton grinning from a chimney, a foolish girl who taunts a giant owl-woman and that great favorite--the mysterious woman with the forever golden arm."
     Graveyard ghosts and creatures from swamps and riverbanks slink through ten creepy tales presented by master storytellers Tim Tingle and Doc Moore. Guaranteed to send shivers down the spines of younger readers, each of these stories comes with its own eerie illustrations. Some humorous, some haunting, these tales guarantee thrills and chills for youngsters from any state.
Children's Bookwatch
    "Texas ghostly folklore comes to life in a wondeful book which will appeal to many age ranges, from middle school right into adult readers. Here are ten classics--some as familiar as "The Golden Arm"--to entice all ages with tales which are perfect examples of a variety of approaches to the ghost story. Kids will relish it."