Tim Tingle

"Indian Harvest" is designed to instruct----and inspire----Native Americans to record the memories of family and tribal members. Collecting from within tribal circles becomes increasingly important as younger members leave traditional communities, and collecting can create valuable gifts for our children's children. The workshop is filled with stories and anecdotes of Tingle's experiences, that now span three decades, of recording Indian memories. Presented at the Native American Preservation Conference, Durant, Oklahoma. Sponsored by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

"Collecting Stories: The Power of Preserving" is a two to four hour workshop examining the techniques and importance of recording the stories that surround us. As as avid collector and listener, Tingle is the author of six books based on his own experiences in the world of memories. His performance of select stories, after establishing the setting of their origin, always includes recent, uncrafted material. The participant is thus allowed a glimpse at the sensitive work involved in taking the memories of another and creating a written or performance piece. Presented at the National Storytelling Conference, Bellingham, Washington.
“Creative Fiction From Life Events” In this highly-interactive workshop, Tingle will demonstrate methods of writing fiction based on turning-point situations in our lives and the lives of those around us. Participants will leave with the beginnings of a short story.

"Easy Steps To Storytelling"
is a two-hour interactive workshop for beginning to intermediate tellers, demonstrating a painless method of learning and performing stories. Presented at dozens of storytelling and literary events, including the Young Author's Conference in Heidelberg, Germany.

"Creative Telling For Creative Writing" was developed for middle and high school students as a way to generate realistic fiction from personal experience. Presented on high school and middle school campuses throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

"Native American Storytelling For The Non-Native Teller"
presents Tingle's belief that stories are meant to be shared, knowledgeably and respectfully. Included is a fun and revealing Multiple Choice and True-False exam of Native American stereotypes. Presented at Wintertales, Oklahoma City, and the Betty Weeks Storytelling Conference, Evansville, Illinois, and numerous universities and conferences.

"Storytelling For The Elementary Grades"
is an hour-long workshop for grades 3-5, or grades,K-2, in which students will learn and perform, for their peers, a story of their choosing. Presented to students and faculty in Houston and Dallas area schools.

"The Living Story"
is a workshop designed for the Texas State Conference of Social Studies Teachers, and offers a technique of increasing student interest and awareness through historical storytelling.